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Holy Iced-Over Driveway, Batman!

28 Jan

Holy Iced-Over Driveway, Batman!

I literally parked in the street and took this photo of my pretty snowy house :) Then I slipped in the ice and fell into my car. Damn stilletos.

Also, since my driveway is an 80 degree angle, aka straight up, if you’re parked in the garage and it ices over, you’re either trapped the next day or you’ll be parked in the neighbors living room.


I cleaned!! I cleaned!!

28 Jan

kitchen and dining tablekitchen dining

I cleaned and re-organized the kitchen!  I still need to pull out the fridge and paint behind it, but I haven’t decided if I want that area to be the same as the backsplash or the rest of the living area…ideas?


Dylan Dog

1 May

Poor baby Dylan had a hell of a day today.  He got three (3!!) car rides and got to play with my parents dogs, Sassy and Butch with only one minor incident involving Butch’s head inside Dylan’s mouth…but Butch totally started it.    Anyway, after all his gallivanting around town, we got home and went to play in the backyard where Dylan promptly stepped on a roofing nail.  That’s right, a roofing nail.  In my backyard.  We haven’t done any roofing in the entire year we’ve lived here…but our neighbors have.  It seems a rogue roofing nail found its way all the way over into our fenced-in yard.  This isn’t the type of incident you really look out for on your own property until it’s too late.

So if your neighbors have had ANY work done on their homes, do yourself {and your fur-babies!} a favor and check behind them, even if it seems unlikely or even impossible.

And Dylan?  He’s quite alright.  James removed the nail, we peroxided it up, bandaged his foot {yay EMT boyfriend!} and whisked him off to the vet.  The doc said there was nothing to worry about, like Tetanus or infection, since we cleaned it right away.  Dylan was just excited to get another ride : )  I’ll post a photo of his cute little huge bandaged foot ASAP, but he’s pretty zonked out now…and drooling.   In the meantime here’s a photo of Dylan and me on the bed…his favorite place to be!    *I cannot even edit out his crazy eyes, they’re THAT intense!*IMAG0625

Bathroom Reveal

27 Apr

I know it’s been a bajillion years since I posted about my bathroom reno….and it’s been done for half a bajillion years….AND I realized that I hadn’t posted pictures of the finished product!  Er, 98% finished product.  Anyway, when we left off I had laid the new flooring.  Since then I’ve:

1.  Painted the walls!

2.  Installed a gorgeous new glass top vanity!

3.  Boyfriend hung up a bunch of shelves for me.  Thanks sweetie-pie!

4.  Got a cool new shower caddy.

5.  Cool new shower caddy didn’t fit my giant shampoo bottle.

6.  Got an even cooler and even newer shower caddy and gave other cool less-new shower caddy to boyfriend.

7.  Ordered a sweet chandy for 75% off on to add some mood lighting – with a low watt bulb to boot so my eyes don’t melt every morning.

Yeah, yeah, the mirror is still brown.  You noticed.  It’ll soon be big and beautiful and I’ll be forced to put in a brighter bulb so I can admire myself in it better.

Just to remind you, this is what it looked like way back when:

We’ve come a long way, baby!!

What’s still on the list besides a new mirror?  So glad you asked!

1. I want some either faux or fo-real crown molding around the room – but to do that we need to finish painting the rest of the master bedroom, since it opens into the vanity area of the bathroom, so that’s at the bottom of the list for now. {Just in case you were wondering why I hadn’t been more careful about cutting in around the ceiling.}

2. As long as we’re ragging on me painting the ceiling, it’s totally ok because there was a minor SNAFU in the drywalling front where we had to cut out and re-texure the ceiling, and there is NO MATCHING that 1984 original white up there!  Why is that good?  Because, it gives me a reason to hire our painters from work {discount!} to come paint my ceilings a pretty, airy, lighter shade of the bedroom wall color to cover up that small oops moment.

3.  Since I raised the shower curtain rod to super-heights, I actually have to make a shower curtain.  Let me rephrase, my mom is making us a shower curtain.  In fact, nearly 100% of the work thus far in this bathroom {and everywhere else in my house} was done with her own two hands.  That woman could build an ark with a spoon and a two by four.  Thanks mom!!!

Anybody know where to find a sweet mirror?  I do.  Everyfreakingwhere.  I CANNOT DECIDE!!!!!

Yes, that’s a Smokey the Bear tattoo.

25 Apr


James and I didn’t have anything to do last night so we spent 4 hours cleaning the garage and re-arranging the attic in a Doritos Taco fueled frenzy.  Fu-un!  This was hands down the easiest little project that’s already made the biggest difference in the world.  What did we do?  Well:

1.  That wall where the bikes are now perfectly perched was previously overtaken by a queen size box spring, a dismantled roll-top desk, tons of leftover drywall, random wood and the door I took off the master bedroom linen closet.  We trashed the box spring, loaded all the desk pieces into the attic and voila, instant usable floorspace.  So incredibly simple and ridiculous that it took us nearly a whole year to do…

2.  James got these sweet bike hangers form Lowe’s (employee discount, score!) and hung our bikes and Malibu’s carrier out of the way so now  we can walk all the way around his car, there’s no fear of accidentally hitting the motorcycle, and it’s not such a trial for him to pull into the garage.  Additional bonuses: I can get in the passenger side of the Subaru without him having to back completely out the garage, and now that he can GET to the drum-set maybe he’ll play more!

3. Finally threw away alllllllll the paint that the previous owners kindly left for us in the garage.  Since we’ve repainted every room, there was no need to hoard touch up paint anymore.  That freed up three whole shelves where we organized all the outdoor accoutrements:  bug/fire ant powder/bee killer shelf, lawn care item shelf, car care item shelf, etc.  

4.  With the space saving re-do, we had to change up the art as well.  I know, who has art in their garage?  Face it…I’m weird.  Anyway, we re-hung the canvases I painted for James last year behind his drum-set and plugged in the palm tree from my old apartment patio :).  The plan is to get a bunch of old vinyls and hang them behind the drums floor to ceiling, with the canvases in the midst of the vinyl-wall-paper.  Also, that giant flamingo isn’t going anywhere, it’s plywood and SUPER awkward to move around.  Right now he’s perfectly content to stare down the driveway at the neighbors from right where he is.

5.  Organized all the remaining house paint that I’ve purchased in the leftover vanity we took out of the master bathroom when we remodeled it – this is now the paint cabinet.  It’s good because it keeps it out of sight, and keeps it all in one place for easy access.  Plus all the rollers, trays and brushes fit there as well.  Yay for recycling!

With all the extra floorspace we have from hanging the bikes and cat carrier, loading all the wood and parts into the attic and re-working the footprint of the larger items in the garage, we’ve got so much room in our garage now!  Next we’ll be adding another wall rack to hang the brooms and shovels on the back porch, hopefully hidden behind a screen or something that we’ll build.  Any ideas?


holy pink flamingo batman

20 Apr

holy pink flamingo batman

Boyfriend had a birthday recently, and I’m happy to report that the flamingo people had no trouble finding our bright green door at 3 am :)

>DISCLAIMER: Long Post – Be Prepared!

26 Mar


My apartment.  I love it.  It is an extension of myself.  I’ve put blood, sweat and tears into it.  I intended to live here for years.  I’m moving out in 2.5 months.  As heartbreaking as this is, I’ve finally come to terms with it enough to talk about it without weeping uncontrollably, but I’m not quite ready to let it go.  SO here is my living memorial to my in-no-way-humble abode.
When I moved into this nine-hundred-some-odd square foot apartment, I had a complete blank slate.  That’s the nice way of saying I moved into a chalk white box. I inherited white walls, white doors, white appliances, white countertops, white cabinets…white white white.  To me, actually a good thing.  It let me see the bones of the space, and what I really fell in love with about this apartment were the quirky little architectural situations that it has going on, even from the exterior. 
Here’s my screened porch.  Notice that gentle arch at the top?  That is my biggest inspiration for my design theme.  Arches.  Curves.  It’s continued inside the apartment with a hallway entrance arch, and I milked it for all it was worth.  I decided to go with fabrics that employed swirls and circles, and organic plant like scenes to go along with the arches, and then throw in some sharp lines for contrast.  Great plan in my opinion.
So here’s the furniture I chose.  Thanks to awesome people at Haverty’s, I scored this awesome 40’s inspired sofa and gi-freaking-normous chair in this great pistachio color. 


Notice the soft arches on the backrests {and Malibu already asleep on the sofa}!!  LOVE the low stuffed arms on both…so I can sleep on them without breaking my neck in half!  Now, I love me some Haverty’s, but they had included those Golden Girls-esque pillows in this heinous tropical/floral/Miami-vomit style throw pillows…which I quickly threw out donated.  Replaced them with some super cool geometric down pillows and a couple smaller pillows peppered with concentric circles in all my main decorating colors.  Can you say upgrade?  My mom found that bamf ottoman from Burlington of all places.  It opens up super wide and stores my blankets (that don’t quite compliment the furniture) safely out of sight…not to mention it matches the green almost perfectly, has the swirlies AND is pretty freaking comfy to sit on when my friends jack all my seating (in my own darn house!)  Love.  It. 
This heavy-duty, round, drop leaf kitchen table has followed me from my Junior year of college…and as such had some interesting dents (in the shapes of quarters…and shot glasses) so it took seven sheets of sandpaper and a legit belt sander that’s older than me to get it smooth; so worth it though.  The black looks really spectacular in here.  What about the chairs?  They were still under construction when I was in the process of moving in.  As for the MIA chairs, those were mom & dad’s.   When I realized that they were hoarding 12 arched back chairs in their attic I begged and begged and finally it paid off.  WIN! We found this great fabric with the greens and yellow and blacks and upholstered them ourselves.  When we do upholstery, we add memory foam mattress pads.  They’re more than comfy.   They’re beyond.  Galactic, even.  Here’s Moobles agreeing with me on the comf-tastic chairs upholstery job:
My favorite antique place here in Madison is Hartlex Antique Mall.  They’ve always got the most amazing pieces and are always willing to make concessions.  They don’t deliver, but they will hold the item until you are able to pick it up, and they’re always super nice.  Go there.  Spend $$$.  I did, and I have never spent $400 better.  That buffet up there with my table?  That’s my pride and joy.  It’s circa 1935 (aka my favorite time for fashion, furniture, music, art, movies, EVERYTHING) so it was right up my alley, and it has the curvy arches not only in the shape but also in the hardware. Not to mention that it is in perfect condition.  Fell in love.  Wrote a check.  Took it home.
I had my eye peeled in search of a huge stuffed headboard, but all the ones I found weren’t exactly what I was looking for AND they were like a bajillion dollars.  What to do when you can’t find something perfect?  Build it.  This particular one my mom made for me and it weighs a ton. It’s triple padded with cotton batting, a memory foam mattress pad and then covered with a down comforter.  You don’t even need pillows to prop up on this bad boy.  She also made the slip cover which is on there super securely with Velcro…and also can be removed and washed dry-cleaned. Or changed for some other color if I’m feeling froggy…or if I ever buy a sewing machine. Whichever. The nightstands in this picture were built in 1984 by my grandfather, and my mom and I sanded and repainted them in black.  Fun little story about these cute little guys.  When sanding them, I flipped one over and on the bottom was a little note written in pencil: “TO: Lloyd and Darlene FROM: Papa”  These were a gift for their first home, and then were passed down to me for my first home.  How’s that for friggin’ adorable?!   My dressing table was also passed down to me from my mother, and to her from her best friend Vicki many years past.  Vicki got it on England and shipped it back, moved it all over the country and then traded it to my mom for a dresser…and now it’s mine.  I am so full of win it is not even funny.
I drew inspiration for the paint colors from my furniture, because I decided long ago that it is easier to pick paint colors to match furniture than vice versa.  So I raided Home Depot, Lowes, Sherwin Williams, etc. for paint samples.  From allllllllll these paint swatches (those are front and back people!) I chose these four: Basketry from Behr, Briquette from Behr, Beach Grass from Martha Stewart and Ozone from Behr.  *I love Behr paint*  Once everything was all together, it finally was looking like a finished product…but not until I got some more final pieces to make it one cohesive design. 
So…the icing on the cake – extras.
My grandmother passed a few months back, and though I didn’t know her well she left me some beautiful antique jewelry and some 1930’s furniture.  She must’ve known me better than I thought, because those things basically sum up my whole life.  This secretary’s desk is smaller than a men’s desk, and is absolutely perfect for me.  Now I have somewhere to pay my bills and hide unruly papers, write thank you notes and display this cute little lion letter holder that mommy made me in college.  It was killing me to find a chair that was of the same style and era as the desk (notice here I’m using my bar stool) when finally it dawned on me…why not get a fab modern white desk chair {photos soon!} to balance out the antique-ness of the desk?!  I’m a genius.  It looks fantastic.
 Also in the new addition category are my mirrored tables.  Anyone who has known me for at least five minutes knows that I have a vain obsession with mirrors; exceptionally reflective window?  I’m staring in it.  Car sideviews = reckless driving for me.  Throw them on a wall and I’m constantly looking in them.  Throw them on furniture and I’m in heaven. My first mirrored table experience was whey my bffffff Courtney gifted me a four legged mirrored table from Tar-Jay as a moving gift [months before I actually moved].
It was eventually replaced with this fabulous little round mirror table that I found also at Burlington.  But never fear, Courtney’s table has found it’s home in my bedroom as a bedside table.  I intend to purchase another to place on the other side of the bed…where right now is my third mirror-table-obsession purchase.  Also found at Burlington was this ridiculously cool mirrored chest of drawers.  Right now it is acting as a bedside table, but it is about six inches taller than Courtney’s Table…which makes my lamps askew and drives me insane.  Don’t worry, it’ll be remedied soon when I will duplicate one or both of these two little guys.
So, you’ve made it this far, and we’re so close to done!  Here are some picture of my final product.  Starting with the entry area I took photos of it all finished (ha.  finished.  right.)  But anyway, I love it.  You’d better love it, too.  Or at least humor me.
You know you’re impressed.