Dylan Dog

1 May

Poor baby Dylan had a hell of a day today.  He got three (3!!) car rides and got to play with my parents dogs, Sassy and Butch with only one minor incident involving Butch’s head inside Dylan’s mouth…but Butch totally started it.    Anyway, after all his gallivanting around town, we got home and went to play in the backyard where Dylan promptly stepped on a roofing nail.  That’s right, a roofing nail.  In my backyard.  We haven’t done any roofing in the entire year we’ve lived here…but our neighbors have.  It seems a rogue roofing nail found its way all the way over into our fenced-in yard.  This isn’t the type of incident you really look out for on your own property until it’s too late.

So if your neighbors have had ANY work done on their homes, do yourself {and your fur-babies!} a favor and check behind them, even if it seems unlikely or even impossible.

And Dylan?  He’s quite alright.  James removed the nail, we peroxided it up, bandaged his foot {yay EMT boyfriend!} and whisked him off to the vet.  The doc said there was nothing to worry about, like Tetanus or infection, since we cleaned it right away.  Dylan was just excited to get another ride : )  I’ll post a photo of his cute little huge bandaged foot ASAP, but he’s pretty zonked out now…and drooling.   In the meantime here’s a photo of Dylan and me on the bed…his favorite place to be!    *I cannot even edit out his crazy eyes, they’re THAT intense!*IMAG0625


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