Yes, that’s a Smokey the Bear tattoo.

25 Apr


James and I didn’t have anything to do last night so we spent 4 hours cleaning the garage and re-arranging the attic in a Doritos Taco fueled frenzy.  Fu-un!  This was hands down the easiest little project that’s already made the biggest difference in the world.  What did we do?  Well:

1.  That wall where the bikes are now perfectly perched was previously overtaken by a queen size box spring, a dismantled roll-top desk, tons of leftover drywall, random wood and the door I took off the master bedroom linen closet.  We trashed the box spring, loaded all the desk pieces into the attic and voila, instant usable floorspace.  So incredibly simple and ridiculous that it took us nearly a whole year to do…

2.  James got these sweet bike hangers form Lowe’s (employee discount, score!) and hung our bikes and Malibu’s carrier out of the way so now  we can walk all the way around his car, there’s no fear of accidentally hitting the motorcycle, and it’s not such a trial for him to pull into the garage.  Additional bonuses: I can get in the passenger side of the Subaru without him having to back completely out the garage, and now that he can GET to the drum-set maybe he’ll play more!

3. Finally threw away alllllllll the paint that the previous owners kindly left for us in the garage.  Since we’ve repainted every room, there was no need to hoard touch up paint anymore.  That freed up three whole shelves where we organized all the outdoor accoutrements:  bug/fire ant powder/bee killer shelf, lawn care item shelf, car care item shelf, etc.  

4.  With the space saving re-do, we had to change up the art as well.  I know, who has art in their garage?  Face it…I’m weird.  Anyway, we re-hung the canvases I painted for James last year behind his drum-set and plugged in the palm tree from my old apartment patio :).  The plan is to get a bunch of old vinyls and hang them behind the drums floor to ceiling, with the canvases in the midst of the vinyl-wall-paper.  Also, that giant flamingo isn’t going anywhere, it’s plywood and SUPER awkward to move around.  Right now he’s perfectly content to stare down the driveway at the neighbors from right where he is.

5.  Organized all the remaining house paint that I’ve purchased in the leftover vanity we took out of the master bathroom when we remodeled it – this is now the paint cabinet.  It’s good because it keeps it out of sight, and keeps it all in one place for easy access.  Plus all the rollers, trays and brushes fit there as well.  Yay for recycling!

With all the extra floorspace we have from hanging the bikes and cat carrier, loading all the wood and parts into the attic and re-working the footprint of the larger items in the garage, we’ve got so much room in our garage now!  Next we’ll be adding another wall rack to hang the brooms and shovels on the back porch, hopefully hidden behind a screen or something that we’ll build.  Any ideas?


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