Back in the Saddle

26 Oct

I officially suck.  I haven’t published a post since June.  JUNE!  Obviously I’ve had better things to do…just kidding.  But I have been doing a lot of work on the house…here’s proof!!

First, I started on the bathroom, basically gutting it.  I didn’t take any photos of the heinous wallpaper that was underneath the paint, but I did save a piece…and I’m going to frame it for my hallway frame gallery.  Whoops, let that cat out of the bag a bit early.  More on that later.  But for now,  here’s the bathroom mid-project:

As you can see, I’ve re-done the floor with white marble tile…AKA stick tile, which is much more durable than the ceramic tile that was there previously (sorry Rob!) and no grout = super easy to clean.  Another plus, is that it’s not freezing cold on feetsies in the mornings!  Don’t let these photos fool you, we’re much farther along than this, but I’ve got 12,350,956,209 jobs going right now and haven’t had a spare moment to take photos/write a post.  It’s actually 98% done, and the sink will be installed this weekend.  Yeah, I’m pumped.  THOSE photos will come when it’s allllll done. 

I’ve also:

-painted kitchen
-painted hallway
-painted master bedroom
-closed up a coat closet door in the living room
-created a “makes more sense” coat closet door in the living room
-uphostered new dining table chairs
-replaced living room fan
-put new light fixtures in all rooms
-painted one wall in living room…because I knocked a hole in it…

Anywhooooo, more pictures as I get them uploaded, they’re all on my ph-ancy new phone, and it’s way smarter than I am…sad to admit. 

Wellps, back to work!


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