So, guess what?

23 Jun

I’m a homeowner.  

That’s right. I dropped some major dough and bought me a house.  Here’s the lovely photo from of my beautiful abode with it’s cute little “under contract” banner:

 Now, I’m used to a small 900ish square foot apartment.  Now I’m living in this 1363 square foot, 1/3 acre mansion.  Well, not a mansion to most, but to me and Mu, it’s enormous.    I’ve been in the house just shy of two weeks, and I’ve already ripped out doors (open storage = forced cleanliness), brought in a brand new vanity/sink combo, upgraded the security system to Fort Knox standards, and even weeded my own flower beds.

I’ve also had a few visitors, including a little black and white cat who seems to think he lives there.  No lie, he just busted up in my front door the other night like he owned the place.  He even seemed to know where things were (like bathrooms–and faucets) so I’m relatively sure he’s been in the house before.  News flash little kitty, there’s a new cat in town, and she doesn’t share.  Not even with me. 

Speaking of animals in the ‘hood, Malibu spends her entire day lounging on the windowsills staring at birds and beetles, squirrels and dogs, etc.  She even barked a little bit at a small gecko looking thing on the ledge.  Cute.

Now, I would post some pictures, BUT the house is currently in a state of paint-flux.  Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the term.  I will explain.  Paint-flux is when the house’s paint scheme, as lovely as it may be, clashes horridly with your furnishings.  It’s pretty common and not a big deal, but the taupe/pink walls aren’t jiving to well with my green furniture…it’s a little Easter-y for me.  So, moral of the story?   Photos to come soon : ).

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