>Naked no more!

13 Apr

>…that is, my living room wall is no longer bare.  And you got all hot and bothered…  That’s right.  I’ve lived here for 10 months now, and I literally JUST came up with something to put on the biggest wall in the space.  I’ve been looking for quite some time for some art to grace the large space over Sophie.  (yes I named the couch)  I just couldn’t find something perfect, and all the paintings I create are way to modern to fit with the rest of the furnishings…and then I stumbled upon this genius idea from YHL.  They “wallpapered a wall with frames.”  Now, I’m not quite that ambitious, but I do have a slight hoarding problem when it comes to picture frames.  So here’s what I did.  I gathered up all the ones that I had, traced their shapes onto some newsprint paper, and then taped them up on the wall where I wanted them to go.

 There’s my sorority Afghan making a non-matching appearance…

This took longer than the actual hanging of the frames.  So once I had an idea of where the frames were going to go, I realized..whoopsie, I don’t have anything to go in these frames!  Then I remembered that I’m an artistic savant and can create my own.  JK.  I stole most of my ideas from elsewhere, but I changed and quirked them a bit to match my style.  I knew I wanted some silhouettes, but I didn’t want to drop a lot of coin on them, so I decided to make them myself.  I took semi-serious semi-profile photos of me, boyfrand, Moobz and Dylan.  The first batch (seen below) didn’t look quite like I wanted, in fact when I was finished with the first draft of me, CLR pointed out that since my hair is so short, my silhouette looked like a “baby skull.”  We can’t be having that.

Since I am the funniest person I know, and because I knew these wouldn’t look professional anyway, I decided to go with some humorous photos of us.  For example, James is never without that headband/sunglasses combo and I’ve always got on giant earrings, I decided to incorporate some things that make us “us” in the second batch.  More on that later.  Anyway, back to the process. So I printed the photos and then traced and cut them out of black poster board.  I used a cutting tool instead of scissors because of the delicate features of the face, and miraculously didn’t even cut myself.  Since poster board is only black on the front and back, I took a Sharpie to the edges to make sure that it was black 360 degrees around.Then just scrapbook-taped them to some think white paper and slipped them in my frames. 


**A few days after this I got down to it and re-did mine and James’ heads.  They turned out pretty legit, if I do say so myself.  Here’s the final results of the silhouette project.  Be amazed.

Hanging things on the wall has never been my forte.  I’m so particular and nervous about hanging things crooked or off center or making a million holes in the walls a la oops moments…so I called in one of my co-workers who happens to be our maintenance technician to help.  He brought extra nails and a level and some snide comments about my inability to eyeball things.  I was measuring out every little nail hole and still getting them wrong.  He estimated every one and every one was perfect.  Yeah yeah yeah, whatever.  He’s a pro, he’s supposed to get things like that right the first time.  Well anyway, here’s the finished placement-project product…and there’s Lance laughing at me. 

Don’t freak out that all the frames don’t quite match.  That was the point – eclectic elegance, as I like to call it.  The two silver ones at the top containing art that I made are silver.  They will be black soon.  The shelf that is currently white with blue polka dots is being sanded and painted black.  THEN it will be done!

                    So about this art.

From top left clockwise:  James’ original silhouette, a painting I did of a hand holding a .38 revolver, silver glitter key with my address on it that my mom made me for Christmas, footprint art from Malibu and Dylan (that was a nightmare that left my porch with cute little gigantic paw prints…), “baby skull” me, two pictures of my college sorority, empty shadowbox (it’s not finished sheesh!) currently containing a picture of Courtney from 10th grade with an Atlanta Bread Company cup suctioned to her face, Malibu’s silhouette (she’s so classy), a map of the US held up currently by stud earrings, three pictures that will be changed out asap, bottom frame has a ‘J’ initial for me and James, shelf, Dylan, currently empty frame (the gold color is to balance the brown of the cork board) and 512 – my apartment number.

I like it.  You?  Got any ideas about what I should put in the empty frames or the shadowbox?  HELP me here.  I’ve only got so much inspiration in me in one sitting.  IMPATIENT.  That’s me.


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