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14 Mar


I’m Jessica, that’s Malibu.  She was a birthday present three years ago and now we’ve evolved into a quirky little family of sorts. 
Here I am walking her around the lake at our apartment community; I’m the Crazy Cat Lady of Colonial Grand.  We’ve spent the last 10 months making my first apartment our first home.  That’s right.  I even painted closets. 


Our world has been turned upside down by two recent additions to our family: James and Dylan.  James is my boyfriend.  THIS… is Dylan. 

There’s no room in my 900 square foot apartment to add a boy, a 110 pound dog AND a drum set, so we’ve set out to find ourselves a house, and I’ve decided to record the experience here.
You can expect to be amused by my art projects, DIY catastrophes, photos of my cat,  ideas for the new place, stuff I’m obsessed with, and whatever else I find time to get into when I’m not at work.
And, since I am super in love with *my first place* I fully intend to tickle your fancy with photos and posts and musings and projects and ideas and anything else you could possibly imagine about my beloved home in the mean time. 

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